Design & Build

  • Design & Build
    • Our team consist of very talented and professional designers that are up to date with the growing market, advanced technology and by laws.
    • Our Design team offer creative suggestions, solutions for new space and existing ones. We workclosely with our clients to develop an understanding of their needs and requirements to ensure the presentation of a high quality innovative design.
    • Depending on the needs of every project, we prepare all required architectural, detailed ID drawings along with the selection and specification of materials.
    • Beside providing “Design & Supervision” services, we can execute projects on turnkey basis including all fitout contracting.
    • Our design philosophy is based on a very Client-centric approach thus optimizing the design solutions that address all the aspects of client needs, ensuring the projects commercial viability and ongoing profit opportunity yet delivery a perfectly resolved and highly aesthetic end result.

    Our Design and Build Services include:

    • Fit Out Consultancy
    • Workspace Management
    • Space Planning
    • Interior Design
    • 3D Modelling
    • Furniture Solutions
    • Move Management
    • Green Offices

    Our Ideas

    • Very well resolved creative, versatile, flexible and uniquely outstanding while perfectly blending.
    • As each project has its own ways, set of design goals, objectives and constraints. It is natural thateach design outcome should be unique.
    • Understanding the needs, expectations, goals & vision of our client is the main key to our Client-centric design philosophy.